Finishing the year with your entire team of colleagues, celebrating your successes and looking forward to the new year to come… not in your office, but at a beautiful location, in the middle of the dunes at restaurant Gestrand.

When you enter the restaurant, you immediatly feel the warmth of the fireside… and when you gaze out the window, all you can see are dunes and beautiful scenery. We welcome every guest with a welcoming drink and an appetizer.

We’re happy to open our doors exclusively for your Christmas Party!


You can park your car right in front of our restaurant, on our private parking. Since we have a lot of space, you’re also welcome to come in a group and park multiple cars.



Tell us what your ideal Christmas Party looks like. To inform us on your wishes, you can fill in the application form. Based on your wishes, we’ll propose a customized arrangement for you. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible after you’ve sent us the form and your wishes.