BREAKFAST BUFFET  self service
including coffee & tea €15.00

Childeren between 4 and 12 years old pay €5,00.

Price of separate buffet items:


v.a. 0.75

Mini rolls, mini croissants
White/brown sourdough bread
Sultana bread

Savoury fillings

v.a. 1

Cheese (young & mature) 
Cheese spread, Cheese spread made with mature cheese
Cold meats (beef, salami, smoked ham)
Steak tartare 

Sweet fillings

v.a. 0.65

A variety of jams
Rosehip jam (homemade & local)
Dune honey (homemade & local)
Hazelnut paste
Apple spread
Hagelswag chocolate chunks (local products)

Dairy | vegetables | fruit

v.a. 0.35

Boiled egg
Organic yoghurt (selection of flavours)
Granola (selection of flavours) 
Luxury fruit salad
½ Avocado 
snack tomatoes & cucumber

Fruit juices

v.a. 2

Apple & Cucumber 
Strawberry & Banana