Stay & go

At Stay & Go we also actively cooperate with local suppliers. We serve homemade Simmental burgers and Fons Hof’s delicious snacks.

Fons Hof

Fons Hof has been around for almost 60 years and is a household name in Haarlem. You can taste that they make most of their snacks themselves. At Stay & Go you can taste these delicious snacks such as the beef croquette, the veal croquette, the vegetable croquette, sate croquette, and many other deep fried snacks that are certainly worth a taste.

Van Leeuwen Vleesch

As a result of overgrazing, the South Kennemerland National Park ensures that the population in the dunes is regulated. The spotted Simmental cattle is a so-called dual-purpose breed – the cattle is kept for both milk and meat production. At our Stay & Go, chef Dennis Jongsma grills our homemade Simmental beef burgers.

Friethoes French Fries

The tastiest french fries are made of locally produced, fully organic potatoes. No chemical treatments and as fresh as possible. This is what’s important for Friethoes and we promise you: you taste this in your fries. Enjoy!

Nice Fruit Ice

Nice Ice is produced in a small icecream factory in Friesland, in the north of Holland. The icecreams are made from local, organically grown fruits and cold pressed juices. Taste, vibers and vitamins are still in there! Besides these delicous icecreams we also offer smoothies and ice coffee.

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