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Privacy Statement

We know that you trust us, and the service we offer. In order to make our service optimal, we need to handle personal data. We value your privacy and exercise a strict privacy policy, adhering to the conditions of the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (General Data Protection Regulations). This Privacy Statement informs you about what information we collect about you when you use our websites or our services, visit our campsites and/or register with KDC, and why we gather this information.

Want to know more?

If you wish to know more, such as where your information is stored, or who to contact if you want to delete your data, read more down below.


Our campsites are fitted with security cameras. This is important for your safety, as well as that of our colleagues and the other guests. All recordings are erased after four weeks, unless there are good reasons to keep them, such as a police investigation.


During a visit to one of our campsites you may use our WiFi. From the moment you log in on our WiFi network, information on your usage is collected automatically. For example, the identification number (MAC address) of your device. This information is deleted after one year. It is collected by KDC in order to prevent misuse. In case of illegal activity involving our WiFi network, access to the network from the device used will be blocked.


KDC use cookies and similar techniques on its websites (kennemerduincampings.nl, campingdelakens.nl, campingbakkum.nl and campinggeversduin.nl). Cookies are small files that are stored on the device used to visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. When referring to "cookies" below, we mean cookies and similar techniques.

Cookies enable us to recognise your browser. This is handy, because it means you won't have to keep putting in your data and preferences, or adjust or tweak your settings. This ensures that our website functions better, and gives us insight in how visitors use our website. Cookies also enable other parties to gauge what you may be interested in, and which adverts are likely to be irrelevant and can be deleted.

Cookies do not compromise the security of your computer. There are several kinds of cookies:

  • Functional cookies

These are necessary for the correct functioning of the website. For example, they make that the information you desire is displayed quickly and correctly, every time you visit our website. The use of functional cookies does not require consent.

  • Analytical cookies

We use these in order to analyse how or website is used, such as how often it is visited, on what page you enter our site, and which pages are clicked on most often. If cookies for analytics do not significantly impact privacy, consent is not required; if they do, we need to ask your consent.

  • Tracking cookies

This type of cookie enables us to track the way you surf our site, so that we and advertisers on our site can display personalised online adverts and content only.

These cookies remain on your device for a maximum of twelve months after your last visit. You can always disable the cookies, or remove them from your device. The way this is done is different for different internet browsers and devices. If you decide to remove the cookies, it is possible that the website does not function optimally and that you cannot use certain functions.


When booking online, your transaction data is registered in order to arrange payment. For taxation purposes we are obliged to store the details of every booking for seven years.

When using a credit card, we may carry out a fraud check, depending on the amount payable. This involves checking if the credit card may have been used or can be used for fraudulent reasons. We do this based on the country of issue, postcode and country of the credit card holder. If the credit card fails this check, we will let you know. In such a case the card cannot be used to pay the owed amount, and you will need to pay in another way. This information is stored for 90 days.

To book online you may also log into the 'My Environment" via your My-KDC account, so that you do not need to give your details again. If you do this, we link your booking details to your My-KDC account.


By downloading one of the KDC apps (Fotolens or Duinsafari), you carry us with you at all times.

When you use a KDC app, we register your IP or MAC address, as well as information about how you are using the app. This information enables us to see how the apps are used, and how we may improve them. We keep this information for one year. In addition cookies are used to ensure the app works as well as possible. Please read the section about Cookie Policy.


Our campsite regularly organise activities, and it is important to know who participates in an activity. This will also enable us to relay information about the event to participants, such as time and place, and send a reminder shortly before the activity begins.

In addition to this, it can be very educational for us to see what kind of guest was interested in what kind of activity, which is why we ask for your name, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number when you wish to take part in an activity. We store this information for two years.

If you have a My-KDC account, your participation in activities can be coupled to your account.


When you book with us, we'll create an online account for you, containing your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, family members and dates of your stay. We need this information in order to complete your booking.

As soon as you have a My-KDC account, you can indicate if you wish to receive information by e-mail. This way we can keep you up to date when we have extras in store (new products, unique offers, inspiring workshops) or when there is anything else we think you should be informed of.

Your account also enables you to see how much you have paid, and any amount still owed.

Your account will be removed seven years after you last use it.


If you wish to be informed about new exceptional products, offers or inspiration, you can subscribe to receive the Campsite Newsletter. We register your name and e-mail address so you can receive the newsletter.

In order to make the newsletter as relevant as possible, we may ask you a few questions.

Every newsletter contains instructions about how to unsubscribe.


In order to book you in for a stay on one of our campsites, we need some information about you, such as your name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, date of birth and the composition of your family/party. This information will be used to ensure your holiday will be the best it can be, and to contact you in case there are questions during your stay with us.

During your stay you may be filmed or photographed by our staff, looking for material for promotion of the campsite. They will always ask your written permission by filling in a Quitclaim form. Any promotional photographs or videos may be used for a period of 3 years.

We will automatically set up a My-KDC account for you, or couple your booking to your existing account. You can read more about this in your My-KDC account.


A whole KDC team is ready to assist you every day, to help, to answer questions or solve problems. Our staff can be reached in several ways, such as by telephone, via the chat box on our website, by e-mail, social media and in person, during your stay at one of our campsites.

If you have a question or a complaint, we'll need some information about you, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number and any additional information necessary to deal with your question or complaint. We also use this information to inform you about any progress pertaining to your question or complaint. When the matter is resolved, we keep this information for one year. This enables us to better serve you, if should you need to call on us again.


KDC use social media to keep you informed about the latest products and activities, to offer you a behind the scenes glimpse, or give you tips about exploring the surrounding area. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Conditions of use of social media is not dictated by KDC. You agree to the conditions stipulated by the social media platform.

Contact with KDC via social media

If you use social media to ask us a question, we keep your message, as well as your account name, so we can respond to your message. For more information, please see Contact with Reception.

We may also connect with you via Instagram when we would like permission to use one of your pictures for marketing purposes. We do this when you post a picture with tag or hashtag KDC or one of the KDC campsites. We will not use your picture without your consent.

KDC advertisement on social media

KDC uses advertising opportunities on social media platforms. We show you adverts based on data collected by the social media platform with your permission. For example, information that you follow us, that you are interested in camping or that you live in a certain area. KDC has no control over what information about you is collected by the social media platform. Your will find the conditions of the social media platform, often accompanied by instructions on how to manage the settings of your social media profile.


We like hearing what you thought of your visit at KDC, and you can always tell one of our staff. If you have a complaint, please tell us - if you had a great time, please tell others.

After your holiday we'll send you a questionnaire by e-mail, with questions about how you experienced your visit.

We keep your answers for two years.

We think it is important that you know the following about us:

  • We collect information in order to try and make your experience at KDC match your expectations, and we will always inform you when we do this
  • We are open and honest about the information we collect about you, and why we do this
  • We only share your information with a third party when this is necessary, such as in the case of a medical emergency.
  • We respect and acknowledge the fact that your data belongs to you. Therefore, you can let us know at any time that you no longer give us permission to use your data
  • The way we use your information conforms entirely to European law

What data does KDC collect about you?

  • When you book a visit, we collect your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number (in Dutch: NAW data), and the composition of your family;
  • When you visit a Kennemer Duincamping website, we place cookies on the device you used during this visit (mobile phone, tablet or desktop);
  • When you make an online booking with Kennemer Duincampings and pay by credit card, we carry out a fraud check on the card offered;

Aggregating data

If you have a My-KDC account, we try to combine the information we receive from you to the My-KDC account.

Coupling data to Activities

If you join us in a KDC-organised activity, we combine the data that you need to provide in order to partake to the My-KDC account or the e-mail address you supplied when subscribing to the KDC newsletter.

What is the legal foundation of our use of your data?

We need to process your data to carry out our contract with you, in order for you to stay at one of our campsites or take part in one of our organised activities. We are also permitted to process your data when there are legitimate reasons to do so. Examples of legitimate reasons are the onsite surveillance cameras, which increase the safety of both guests and staff, prevention or resolution of misuse of our WiFi network, and potential credit card fraud checks. Furthermore, a legitimate interest exists when using data to optimise our service.

The use of data for use on social media, photographs from our apps and the sending of newsletters will happen with your written consent only. You can find our legitimate interests described in this privacy statement. Other particular occasions when we would need to handle your data concern cases where this would be in your, or someone else's vital interest (such as an injury you or your child sustains on the campsite, when we may need to inform an ambulance crew).

Which external parties do we share your details with?

There are some cases were we, when necessary, share your details with external parties. However, we will never sell your details to external parties. As mentioned above, there are situations in which we have to cooperate with external service providers. These service providers can only use your data for the execution of the required service. They are not allowed to use your data independently, or to pass on any data. Data gathered by cookie placement can be shared with parties that place the cookies. Please read more about this in our Cookie Policy. It is possible that the law obliges us to share your data with government departments or other parties. In such cases we share only the information that is minimally required.

Where is your information stored?

In order to collect and store certain information we use several applications. To ensure your privacy, the use of these applications is subject to strict controls. The information is stored within the European Union.

Links to other websites
Our websites (kennemerduincampings.nl/ campingbakkum.nl / campinggeversduin.nl / campingdelakens.nl) display several links to the websites of our partners. If you click on one of these, the website of our partner is opened and displayed. From the moment you have entered the website of one of our partners, only their privacy policy applies.

 Questions or Complaints?

Do you have questions about the way we handle your data, or about this privacy policy statement? Please contact reception via a web form, or by sending an e-mail to:




In case of complaints about the way we use your information or how we respond to any questions relating to your privacy, you can approach the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Authority).

Amending or Deleting your Data
If you wish to know what data we hold about you, you can ask us. In case certain information is incorrect, we can amend this for you. You can also change certain information in your My-KDC account yourself.

You can also request us to delete information and to refrain from using information in future. If you gave us permission to use certain information in the past, you can withdraw permission for future use. We are permitted however (in case this is necessary) to keep the information you gave us consent for earlier.

You can receive certain information from us in the customary format. This applies for electronic data that you supplied to us, information you generated with us and information we used when we entered into a contract with you or for which you gave your consent.

In some cases we are permitted to refuse your request, for example when you ask us to erase information that we are obliged to keep for taxation reasons or as evidence in case of complaints. Should any of this be the case, you will hear from us as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for your data?

Kennemer Duincampings B.V., established at Zeeweg 31, 1901 NZ, Castricum, is responsible for the management of personal data in their possession.