Zeppie Meal kids box

lakens gestrand happy kids meal box.jpg

The Zeppie Meal Kids Box is the favorite dish of, you guessed it, Zep de Zeemeeuw! The kids can choose from a frikandel, croquette or cheese soufflé. Of course with fries, applesauce and don't forget the fun toy. Empty plate? Time for dessert!

Hans Molenaar


Hans Molenaar is a household name in the wine industry. Taste can be disputed, but Hans Moolenaar’s knowledge guarantees the right choice. He started his wine business in the heart of Bloemendaal in November 18, 1988. Over the years he has built himself an excellent name both nationally and internationally.

Jopen Beer

jopenbier assortiment.jpg

This season Jopen is back with a vengeance, with four delicious new beers on our menu, Jopen is, as they say so beautifully, 'Anything but boring'.
Try them yourself this summer at Gestrand!