Are you coming to play at Gestrand? It's super fun here! We will prepare a nice cup of coffee or a drink for your parents, while you can slide, tokkle, play with water and sand and much more! Hungry after playing? No problem, you can easily join the table for the tastiest pizza or fries.

Outdoor playground

kinderfeestje-3776 - kopie.jpg

The playground next to Gestrand is cool, large and challenging! Do you dare to slide down the long slide? Defy the zip line? Or do you play pirate in the big ship? There is sand everywhere, but the water is not far away. Pump the water up from the ground for even more fun!

Indoor playground


Rain? Strong wind? No problem, we also have a playground inside! Our indoor playground is one big sandbank and has a cool playground. From Gestrand, the playground can be reached via a staircase or (much more fun) a rope!